SQlab Best Saddle Brand of the Year 2019

SQlab: Saddle Brand of the Year 2019!

Eurobike 2019 was extremely successful for SQlab! During the fair, SQlab was named “Saddle Brand of the Year” by various German trade magazines:

⭐1st place Enduro Magazine 
⭐1st place E-Mountainbike Magazine 
⭐1st place eMTB Magazine

2nd place MyBike Magazine

3rd place BIKE Magazine
3rd place TOUR Magazine
3rd place Grand Fondo Magazine

SQlab also received the “best Eurobike booth” award from mtb-news.com.

Visit our SQlab brand page here.

SQlab Best Saddle Brand of the Year 2019

sqlab best saddle brand 2019

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