SQlab 613 ERGOWAVE® R Carbon: winner of Design and Innovation Award!

The new triathlon saddle is the winner of the renowned Design and Innovation Award – the 613 ERGOWAVE® R Carbon!

Known as ‘The Oscars of the Bike Industry’, the Design & Innovation Awards are handed out every year to the most outstanding bike products and trends in the bicycle industry. The 613 ERGOWAVE® R Carbon has just been awarded as such!

Triathletes are capable of suffering, yet seat complaints occur disproportionately often. The extreme sitting position combined with long riding sessions is an ergonomic challenge. The 613 ERGOWAVE® R brings the pressure through the raised rear not yet completely on the sit bones but for the first time in triathlon in the direction of the ischial branches. The perineal area is relieved and the additional support to the rear improves power transmission. A positive side effect is that skin irritations are reduced.

The 613 ERGOWAVE® R offers:

+ Relief for sensitive areas
+ More efficient power transmission
+ Avoidance of force-sapping protective postures
+ More legroom

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