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Driven by our roots

We only have one involvement at Urge Bike Products, the one to design mountain bike helmets devoted only to mountain biking. Our specific mission is inspired from our beloved passion of riding beautiful single tracks. Our beliefs are forged on the idea that every helmet must be perfectly designed to the last detail in order to be useful when protection is requested. We’re also proud to offer some nice products with a unique design. Humbly, we’re doing our best to respect nature all along our manufacturing process and in the way we lead the brand. We do not pretend to be perfect but our commitment to mountain biking and nature is at its highest level.


We decided to use recycled PET to manufacture our helmet straps.
Why that? Simply to keep following the direction we’re aiming which is to progressively manufacture «clean» helmets. Using recycled PET is another step towards this goal.
To produce these straps, our supplier «Recyclepet®» uses old plastic bottles (polyethylene: PET) that are reworked to make, after several operations, a thread… This thread is then weaved according to our technical characteristics to manufacture the straps for our helmets.
This fabric is of course tested and passed the strictest certification tests.
The other advantage of using recycled PET is to reduce the use of fossil raw materials (petrol) to create new fabrics, but also to valorize waste that usually finish in a bin or too often in the nature…
You won’t consider a plastic bottle the same way anymore, will you?


You’ve heard of Veggie-burgers?
At Urge Bikeproducts, we have the Veggie-helmets!!! Some of our models carry this strange name…
It is actually both a simple and audacious idea. For our Veggie models, we replace a part of the glass fibre generally used to manufacture full-face helmets by a 100% natural and vegetal fibre: the linen fibre. Linen (Linum usitatissimum) is a plant that produces really pretty blue flowers and grows in fields with low water needs, without fertilizer or chemical products. From this plant, we can extract oil but also fibre. This (long) fibre is weaved using highly technical processes and enables us to manufacture fabrics that, once molded a certain way and adding our expert knowledge, have very close characteristics to glass or carbon fabrics.
But unlike these two fabrics, the linen fibre is natural, requires low energy to be produced and its waste is compostable with no danger to the environment. Plus, it is non-allergic and is safe for our employees to use. The end result is very eye-catching (from the fields to our helmets), very strong and good for the Earth and human kind.
That’s why, even if this fibre is extremely

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