Eurobike 2018: Ere Research launches innovative line of saddles

Following a successful market debut with a complete road tire line, Ere Research is excited to introduce their innovative line of saddles featuring on the fly adjustments with the Comfort Trigger, a unique device that allows the rider to adjust the flex of the saddle with a lever positioned under the nose of the saddle.

Ere Research

Ere Research CEO Piet van der Velde teamed up with his former colleague and ergonomic specialist Dr. Roger Minkow, the man who revolutionized how we look at ergonomic saddles today, to create the Genus and Omnia saddles. The goal at Ere Research is to make saddle choice understandable and simple. There are two basic shapes available, the flat-topped Genus and the curved-top Omnia which address differences in rotational flexibility. Along with these shapes are three widths (133mm, 145mm, and 157mm) and two lengths (240mm and 270mm) each. Dr. Minkow, who is known for saddle design based on medical research, is currently doing an extensive study with Dr. Michael Eisenberg, an Assistant Professor of Urology at Stanford University, on the relationship between saddle shape and the health of male and female cyclists.

Read everything about the Ere Research mission here.

This study is designed to give cyclists as well as fitters a new way to decide saddle choice. The Ere Research Comfort Trigger (patent pending) is a small lever located under the nose of the saddle designed to allow the rider to vary the flex of the saddle on the fly for the following advantages:




Advantages of the Ere Research Saddles

• The rider has the option of altering the riding experience without having to buy a new saddle.

• The rider can adjust the comfort level while riding during long rides.

• The rider can choose to adjust the comfort level when going from smooth tarmac onto uneven cobblestone roads.

• When approaching a climb, the rider can add some flex to the saddle, lowering his or her position to generate more power output.

Weight has been kept to just 125g (145mm x 240mm Genus CC saddle) through extensive engineering work resulting in the Torsion Bar, a lateral bar between the saddle rails that transfers flex to the saddle base, allowing the rails to be a stronger and lighter structure overall.

Find out more about the Ere Research 6 model tire range including gravel, race and everyday rubber for the road.

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