Ere Research introduces new Tenaci wheelset

Ere Research introduces its newest aluminium gravel wheels: the Tenaci GX23! These are the most reliable and versatile wheels for your gravel and travel bike. For the new Tenaci GX23 wheels, we have given our popular Tenaci GR20 an overall upgrade. The biggest upgrade is the new Ere Research Iona hub, which was designed entirely in-house. In addition, the wheels are fitted with Sapim spokes and the design has been updated. The result is a reliable wheelset with which you can tackle any gravel adventure with ease.

New Iona hubs – light, durable and sturdy

The Tenaci GX23 wheelset is equipped with the new Ere Research Iona hubs, with a 100% in-house design. For this design, we started with a clean slate and a clear goal: to create a set of hubs that are bulletproof and will last forever, as long as they are properly maintained.

The new Ere Research Iona hubs do exactly what we had in mind. The straight-pull hubset has a low profile and a sturdy design. Its angled flange supports the directional torque going through the hub body, so it can take any beating.

Torque 2 absorbs the forces of the disc brake load during braking. When force is created on the rear wheel and hub as the cyclist pedals forward, the Torque 2 design directs these forces to the part where the material is strongest. That way we can be smart about the amount of material we use. We can remove material where it is not needed and add material where it has to be strong.

Our new Iona hubs are as light as possible, but without compromising strength and reliability. We managed to maintain the structural integrity of the hub by creating a thin wall design from very high quality aluminium. As a result, the Iona hub has a weight of only 235 grams for the rear hub and 100 grams for the front hub.

Combination of optimal comfort and performance

The new Tenaci rim is slightly wider than the Tenaci GR20: with an inner width of 26 mm and a low profile, the Tenaci GX23 provides an astonishingly comfortable ride. The rims are suitable for tires between 38 and 58 mm wide. Besides creating a versatile rim, we also managed to keep the weight of the wheelset low with a total weight of 1640 grams.

The rims are made of extruded 6069 aluminium and are specially designed for our performance gravel wheels. As a result, you get the best performance for an affordable price. The wheelset is available for 549,- in three different colours: Black, Sand and Moss Green.

The wheels are available to order in our B2B webshop: Interested in become a Oneway dealer? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


  • Weigth front wheel: 770 g
  • Weigth rear wheel: 870 g
  • Weigth wheelset: 1640 g
  • Bead Shape: Tubeless Ready
  • ETRTO: 622
  • Hole pattern: 24 / 24
  • Tire range: 38mm – 58mm
  • Outside rim width: 33mm
  • Inside rim width: 26mm
  • Rim heigth: 23mm
  • Rimtape: Ere TLR tape 30mm 2x loop
  • Hub rear: IONA-S 24H T2 4-Pawl
  • Hub front: IONA-S 24H T2
  • Bearings: Fr & Rr SKF 6902 Body S&S 15692
  • Feehub body: Shimano 11-speed (Standard)
  • Freehub boay options: SRAM XDR & Campagnolo
  • Brake interface: Centerlock
  • Axle system: TA F100x12mm & R142x12mm
  • Axle options: QR
  • Spoke nipple: DSN 14G*14.4MM brass black
  • Spoke Front Drive side: Sapim CX Leader 296mm
  • Spoke Front Non Drive side: Sapim CX Leader 298mm
  • Spoke Rear Drive side: Sapim CX Leader 296mm
  • Spoke Rear Non Drive side: Sapim CX Leader 298mm
  • Included: 8 spare spokes and nipples, brake disc lock ring, TLR valves, spacer ring